Finella Devitt

Finella Devitt - Arts Management Consultant

Hello. Welcome to Iridescence, a professional arts management consultancy I founded in 2002.

What I did before

Before Iridescence I worked at Chief Executive and Director level. Previous roles include Chief Executive of the House for an Art Lover, a Centre of Excellence for Art and Design and spin-off company of the Glasgow School of Art. I took this facility from a standing start to a multi award-winning creative enterprise achieving a turnover of £1.2m in 4 years with a zero revenue funding subsidy.

I was then appointed Chief Executive of Loch Lomond Shores, a £60m National Park-based development where I created innovative partnerships with education, cultural and retail partners. I was also Chair of the trading company of Glasgow’s Centre of Contemporary Art and a Board Observer for Collage Arts, a major creative industries incubator in London.

Further back, I worked in international brand marketing, including a period as Senior Product Manager for Arjo Wiggins’ leading European fine paper brand ‘Conqueror’, where I managed an annual marketing budget of over £1m.

Alongside my consultancy business, I recently launched Firehorse, a new luxury collection of silk scarves designed and hand-made in England. Voted one of the top British silk scarf brands and recently appointed to produce exclusive merchandise collections for major International events, Firehorse showcases the very best of British design and craftsmanship.

Why Iridescence?

Team Brainstorm

Why Iridescence? Why not? Why not make business growth truly inspiring? At Iridescence, creativity isn’t some end product; it’s just my everyday approach to solving business problems. Growing your business and your brand shouldn’t mean growing grey hairs along the way. It’s a radical thought, but shouldn’t all this stuff be fun? Enlightening even?

So don’t expect acres of confusing terminology and mystical theories. I’ll get my head round all that – so you can concentrate on what’s important. Your business.

It’s your party and you’re invited

Some consultancies make a big noise about ‘working in partnership’. I’d rather quietly point out that it’s your business. So getting involved isn’t really an option. It’s a necessity – but I’ll make sure it’s a truly engaging experience. 

Passion. I care about doing a good job for my clients. And I care about inspired thinking to deliver inspired results.

However, don’t go away thinking iridescence is all fun, and frivolity. Far from it. Instead, you’ll find a strict focus on strategy and commercial reality. Not to mention meticulous attention to detail, flexibility and ability to get my head around your business. Fast.

What Can I Do For You Now?

Choosing the right partner to help grow your business is a bit like hiring a senior board member. So you’ll want to make sure I do more than just talk about results. You’ll want to see how I’ve helped other people too (my client testimonials should help you decide).

Contact me to discuss your project

My Partners

If you can judge a person by the company they keep, then judge away. I don’t pretend to be an expert in everything but I do have excellent partnerships with like-minded companies - people I know you’ll want to work with. It also means I can create a strong diverse team – bespoke to your project.

Research agencies

Sales and marketing specialists


Digital marketing specialists and website developers

Designers and architects

Retail and catering specialists

Tourism and destination marketing experts

Lawyers, accountants and economic development specialists