House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Business start-up, including development of full visitor experience and revenue streams.

As Chief Executive (with a brilliant team!), I developed the business from a zero base to trading turnover of £1.2m and 40 staff. House for an Art Lover is still one of the very few non revenue-funded visitor attractions in Scotland and is continuing to expand year on year. I raised £700k additional capital funding in year 2 to add further value to the business and ensure continued growth. I also developed events strategy to achieve repeat visitation and attract new markets, including the highly successful ‘Art in the Park’, ‘Dinner Concert Series’, Jazz-café concept – all of which achieved sponsorship and increased re

Project Objectives:

Company set up
Recruiting full staff team
Establishing offer and income
Developing viable business model

I regard our employment of Finella Devitt as having been a major success. We were looking for a Chief Executive with imagination and enthusiasm, who would establish a new enterprise – the House for an Art Lover – as a visitor centre and as a centre for the stimulation of interest in art, design, and architecture. Finella achieved all of that and in a confident and friendly manner, placed a stamp of quality on our product which sustains the company today.

David Leslie, Chairman, House for an Art Lover