What are the stages of the process? And who determines ‘milestones’ on the project?

I’ll develop a proposal showing the key stages of the project and exactly what will be covered and when. We'll review this together and agree key milestones to make sure it meets your needs. We'll also agree how and when I report on progress, including how often we'll meet to discuss the project. Often I recommend an interim report so we can take stock mid-way, adjust the schedule if we need to and agree the format and content for any final report.

So how much is this likely to cost?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? However, you’ll be pleased to hear the answer isn’t necessarily a big number, followed by lots of zeros.

How long does the process typically take?

To be honest, it’s difficult to say without chatting through your project. After all, you might just need a couple of days’ consultancy (I'd be delighted). Or maybe we’ll be working together for the next few years (ditto). What I can say it this: when we agree the schedule, it’ll happen. On time and on brief.

Is there normally any kind of follow-up arrangement?

I am always keen to hear how clients' projects develop – months and even years after we have worked together, so please stay in touch. If however you need a little more help or hand-holding along the journey, I’d be delighted to come back on board. I can come back in to review progress against plans at regular intervals. Or provide a bit of mentoring and coaching to support you and your team through a time of change and growth.

My project is pretty specialised. How do I know you’ll be the right person for the job?

I have a great deal of experience in helping companies grow and flourish ... although I don’t pretend to be an expert in everything. I do however have excellent partnerships with a range of brilliant specialists. Whatever the project and sector I will create a strong diverse team with all the skills we need – bespoke to your job.

Do you need a written brief for my project?

A written brief isn't essential, but it often helps if you jot down a few basics, such as why you're looking for consultancy support, what you hope your project will achieve, how quickly you need advice and how much you have to spend (if you have a figure in mind). Alternatively, we can chat through your project by telephone or in person and together we will work out exactly what you need.

Okay, sounds good, how do we get started?

If you'd like to explore how I might help, the first step is to get in touch and tell me about your project. You may have a brief you can send me (great, but don't worry if not); alternatively we can chat through your project on a call or in person.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask away.